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Item Name: SURECOM UV Digital VHF/UHF Power with SW-102N Surecom Ground Plate
USD 57.50
Item Code: SW102N+GND
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SURECOM UV Digital VHF/UHF Power with SW-102N Surecom Ground Plate



Surecom SW102 Ground Plate

A Ground Plane is a flat surface of ferrous metal (Aluminum, etc) that a  Ground Plate  for heldhand antenna uses as an integrated part of it. A Ground Plate  will be better for testing the SWR .

Package include:
1x 1mm Ground Plate 

SURECOM UV Digital VHF/UHF Power with SW-102NN Surecom Ground Plate 

V.S.W.R. meter Introduction

VSWR. Forward and reflected power direct digital readout, without any calibration.
Maximum measurable power range up to 120W.
low insertion loss (0.3 decibels or less) structure allows it to be permanently connected.
Build in Frequency counter .
All Funtion display ( Frequency counter ,Power watt , SWR ,FW,RW,Battery Level)

Feature & Specification
Frequency range: 125 - 525MHz
Measurable power range: 0.5 - 120W(+-0.5%)
Input  read frequency counter (must be < 0.5 W)
Maximum power: 120W
Impedance: 50Ω
Size: W 76 X H 77 X D35 mm.
Weight: < 220 grams
Battery : 3.7V Li-ion Rechargeable Battery

* Not for the digital radio.

Interface: N-J Interface

Feature & Specification (for  version 2.02)
MAX. Power in 120 W        (Measurable power,Radio must be ANALOG)
V.S.W.R 1.00~19.99
Frequency Ranger COVER : 125MHz~525MHz
Insertion Loss < 0.15dB(VHF) , < 0.25dB(UHF)
Temperature 0℃~60℃
Frequency counter Yes (  TX input  must be minimum 0.5W + - 0.5%)
Battery Display Yes
Battery Build-in 3.7V  Li-ion Battery 
Auto Power Off 1-9 mins
Size 66*68*37 (mm)
Charger in  5V (micro usb)
Backlight AUTO OFF  
Interface (in and out ) N(SL16)
Weight 220g (include battery)


  • Power ON/OFF:

Press 2 second the [Red button] to power on or power off


MENU Dispaly  (Note: Version for up to V2.02)
No. Mode Adj 
Default Setting
1 Adjustment Forward  -99  to  +99 0 Fine Tune Level %
2 Adjustment Reverse  -99  to  +99 0 Fine Tune Level %
3 Adjustment Time Base  -99  to  +99 0 Frequency Counter ,OSC Time Base
4 LCD DIM (Back Light  Time) 0-9 1 "0" is always on,  1 min  to  9 mins
5 POWER OFF 0-9 3 "0" is always on,  1 min  to  9 mins

* Supplier, the product will add functionality without having to give notice


  • Set & Save​:
  1. Press MENU [Blue button]
  2. Press F1 [Red button)(Select 1-5 Funtion)
  3. Press [Blue button] ( - ), [Yellow button] (+)
  4. Press the  [Red button ]for 2 seconds
  5. Press the  [Blue button] to SAVE and EXIT


  • How to check the S.W.R. of your Antenna :
    ​Connect to "TX" on Radio output  and Antenna  to "ANT".  Proper adaptor/cable is required if your device has different type of connectors.
  1. Measurement V.S.W.R. : (see Pic.1)
  2. SW-102N TX connect Radio RF out  
  3. Radio TX , SW-102N with display S.W.R. measure data.
    Do not affect the test in the following cases, there are objects nearby, placed horizontally.
  • How to check the output Watt of your transceiver :
    Connect to "TX" on Radio output and dummy Load to "ANT".  Proper adaptor/cable is required if your device has different type of connectors.
  1. Measurement Power: (see Pic.2)
  2. SW-102N TX connect Radio RF out  
  3. SW-102N ANT connect 50 ohm Dummy Load
  4. Push Radio TX , SW-102N display is Power  measure data.
    (SW-102N is not for DMR system)


  • Package Contents
  • 1x SURECOM  SW-102N-UV Power & SWR Meter  (N - connector) (New Version 2.02)
  • 1x USB Power PSU 100-240V
  • 1x Mirco usb charger Cable 
  • 1x English Users Manual
  • 1x 50w DUMMY LOAD 


 The first from  , 
V3.3,V3.8,V4.3, V4.5,V5.1 ,V2.02,V2.03 new 
V2.02 , V2.03 is new version , the watt refenece is best than  V3.3,V3.8,V4.3, V4.5,V5.1 .

  • **All Specifications are subject to change without notice 
    Anywhere to provide three years of free maintenance



ADAPTOR N to SO239  


N to SO239 connect adaptor 
N to SMA connect adaptor
N to BNC connect adaptor

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