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 409shop Limited News  

2017-02 Participate in lectures and keep learning 
2017-02 With HKNA New Year greetings and meals
2017-02 WoFoo Millennium Entrepreneurship Programme 
2017-01 409 Shop Ltd. was invited to the Sowers Action -Guangzhou on the road  
2017-01 Alibaba with customers to visit 409SHOP and share the experience of ecommerce
2017-01 To Visit Different Enterprises in Taiwan
2017-01 Alibaba gave 409SHOP New Year gift
2016-12 Christmas Party with Business friends
2016-11 Mr Chan travel in Tsamanis
2016-11 China Guangdong Nansha Free Trade Area Promotion and cross-border
lectricity business customs and national inspection briefing
2016-11 Sharing meeting
2016-11 Friendship with business friends barbecue
2016-11 HKTTECC Visit Alibaba to learn more about Ali culture
2016-09 409SHOP to visit different companies in Japan and looking for business opportunities
2016-10 Mr Chan go to Diving in Anilao
2016-09 Friends bakery opening ceremony in Tsim Sha Tsui
2016-08 Hong Kong Computer Festival with HKNA 
2016-08 Global Dignity Hong Kong--Dignity Moves 4K Running 
2016-08 Hong Kong Top 10 E-commerce Club Team building
2016-07 Hong Kong E-commerce operators Learning Camp -Orange Camp
2016-07 And a friends to HONG KONG Tung Ping Chau diving and snorkeling
2016-05 H.K. Amateur Radio Transmitting Society (HARTS)Annual Dinner Sponsor
2016-04 409shop's Director visits Taiwan Dealer
2016-05 Hong Kong Taiwan's Ten Outstanding network operators will create
2016 409Shop participate in the sixth H.K.Young Entrepreneurs Association Inaugural Gala
2016 409shop Visit Second Ten Outstanding Net Contests
2016 Internet Economy Summit 2016
2016 Mr. Chan of Taiwan Chamber of Commerce and president of the network to meet
2016-03 Businese to Businese Matching-BBM0319
2016 Friends Restaurant Opening Ceremony
2016 Hong Kong Netrepreneurs Association Annual Dinner 2016
2016 Hong Kong Outstanding network operators Contest 2016
2016-09 Shanghai Commerical Pok Oi Cycle for Millions
2016 Angel Breeding Program
2016 "Jockey Club" dream project 3i Entrepreneurship Training Program Opening Ceremony 
2016 2016 Second Hong Kong Outstanding network operators start ceremony
2016 Business joint Christmas party
2015 2015 Business circle games
2016 Champion Club Dec Meeting
2016 Hong Kong Electronic Industries Marketing notes exchange
2016 Hong Kong Smart Gifts Design Awards 2016 Kick-off Seminar- KICKSTART Your Innovative Channels
2015 Google X New World iMedia Export Promotion Seminar
2015-11 Congratulation! 10 WINNERS! 2nd Games in Facebook
2015-10 409shop is participating in the H.K. Electronics Fair 2015
2015 Follow the HKNA Visit the Hong Kong Post Office
2015 Global Sources Electronics Visit our Supplier
2015 Ebay Hong Kong office visits and exchanges group
2015 The H.K. Federation of Youth Groups Sharing
2015 H.K. Netrepreneurs Association (Orange Camp) Sharing
2015 2015 Internet Plus Event
2015 Facebook Fee Gift Event 10 Winners!
2015 HK Top Ten Ecommerce Winner Gathering
2015 409shop Ltd Visit DHL Central Asia Hub in HK
2015 SME Seminar "Connecting Global Market through E-Commerce" 
2015 409 SHOP LTD Lucky Draw" START for a Month!
2015 Programme of SME Cloud Promotion Campaign 
2015 Alibaba Hangzhou Delegations 
2015 IVE IT Discipline Career Expo exhibition 2015 
2015 HK Outstanding network operators Contest 2015  
2015 Outstanding Netrepreneurs Award 
2015 HONGKONG ecommerce Top 2015 
2015 2015 409Shop Limited Annual Dinner 
2015 Took photos with ALIBABA Mr.JACK MA 
2015 2015 Our Staff traning by Alibaba 
2015 M.T.L. logistics visit
2008 PayPal 2008  TOP10 Growth Award 
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