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Item Name: ICOM ID-4100E Dual Frequency Digital Mobile Transceiver
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Item Code: ICOM ID-4100E
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ICOM ID-4100E Dual Frequency Digital Mobile Transceiver



ICOM ID-4100E Dual Frequency Digital Mobile Transceiver


Dual-frequency digital mobile transceiver

The Icom ID-4100E D-STAR mobile radio enables you to make digital voice (DV) and data calls over the global D-STAR network. Like the recently released ID-51E PLUS2 handheld radio, the ID-4100E includes new "terminal mode" * and "access point mode" *, enabling operators to perform D-STAR over the Internet even in areas without D Call Sign Route Call-STAR Repeater is accessible.

The "Terminal ID" and "Access Point" functions are only available through Icom D-STAR repeaters with the latest G3 software enabled. Prior to this implementation, the ID-4100E could only be used as a normal D-STAR radio.


New terminal mode and access point mode

Terminal and access point mode * enables you to enjoy remote D-STAR (Amateur Radio Digital Intelligent Technology) communication via the Internet. The D-STAR repeater network can be accessed via the Internet regardless of the location and conditions of nearby repeaters.

* The optional free download software RS-MS3W needs to be installed on the PC. The optional free download application RS-MS3A must be installed on Android ™ devices.


Terminal mode

Connect the ID-4100E to the Internet through a Windows® PC or Android ™ device. Terminal mode enables you to make D-STAR gateway calls using D-STAR repeaters.

Access point mode

Access point mode enables another D-STAR transceiver to make D-STAR gateway calls through the ID-4100E connected to the Internet. D-STAR access point mode can use 50 watts of output power.

Compact removable controller for flexible installation

The controller can be installed or removed from the host for flexible installation. By using the included OPC-837 controller cable, the controller can be installed at a distance of 3.5 meters from the host.

DR (D-STAR Repeater) function

The DR function makes D-STAR communication easy. Simply select the target call sign in the "Recipient" and the access repeater in the "Sender" to talk to other D-STAR users. In addition, using the reflector function, you can make calls through multiple repeaters at once.

Easy-to-read full-dot matrix display

In order to increase the amount of displayed information, a complete dot matrix display is used in the ID-4100E. For example, repeater lists or GPS location information are clearly arranged and easy to read.

DV / FM near-end repeater search function

The DV / FM Nearby Repeater Search feature helps you access nearby repeaters, even if you are visiting the area for the first time. This function searches for nearby repeaters using repeater memory with GPS location information.

* To use the near repeater search function, the repeater's position data is required. The ID-4100E will come with reprogrammed D-STAR repeater memory, but some D-STAR repeater position data may not be entered or inaccurate.

App for iOS ™ and Android ™ devices *

RS-MS1I (for iOS ™ devices) and RS-MS1A (for Android ™ devices) enable you to wirelessly connect to the ID-4100E and remotely set DR functions, link with map applications, and send / receive message modes via DV. In addition, photos taken by a smart device can be transferred in DV fast data mode or DV mode.

* The optional UT-137Bluetooth® unit must be installed in the ID-4100E. Depending on the smart device used, some functions may not work properly.

DV fast data mode *

By using the data position in the voice frame, the data transmission speed of the ID-4100E is 3.5 times (3480 bps) than the traditional DV mode (with voice).

* DV fast data mode is not compatible with DV mode low speed data communication.

Wireless operation of VS-3Bluetooth® headphones *

The optional VS-3Bluetooth® headset provides convenient wireless communication beyond the transceiver. The VS-3 remotely controls the ID-4100E via three programmable buttons.

* The optional UT-137Bluetooth® unit must be installed in the ID-4100E.

MicroSD card slot for voice and data storage *

When used with a microSD card, you can store a variety of information, including voice memory, TX voice messages, QSO logs, RX history logs, and GPS log data. Memory channels and other settings can be saved and loaded into the transceiver.

* MicroSD card is required separately.

Integrated GPS receiver

The integrated GPS receiver shows your own position, heading, speed and altitude on the display and can be used to exchange position reports, D-PRS and search for nearby repeaters.

Wideband receiver

The ID-4100E receives 118–174 and 230–550 MHz *. You can listen to communications in the air band, at sea and other VHF and UHF utilities.

* Working range cannot be guaranteed.

Optional LCD and key backlight colors

LCD and button backlight colors can be selected from white, green, amber or blue. Use the backlight night setting function to automatically change the display backlight brightness when the specified time comes.



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